6. December 2017

2 Nominations for THE GRAND POST - Best Sound Editing

We are thrilled to announce that THE GRAND POST has received 2 nominations for the category of Best Sound Editing for next years Austrian Film Awards.

LICHT / Mademoiselle Paradis directed by Barbara Albert: nominated for Best Sound Editing

Sound Mixer - Dietmar Zuson

Sounddesign - Christian Conrad

Rerecording Mixer - Alexander Koller

MIND GAMERS directed by Andrew Goth: nominated for Best Sound Editing

Sound Mixer - Marius Emil Stanescu

Sounddesign - Bernd Dormayer

Rerecording Mixer- Alexander Koller, Marco Zinz, Michael Plöderl

We would like to thank the producers (Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion and Terra Mater) and their entire crews!

Congratulations to all the Nominees!