Our studios comply with the latest technical standards and are tailored for each individual phase of Audio and Picture Post Production. We offer optimal conditions for productions of all sizes:
At The Grand Post we cater for Feature Films, TV Formats, Independent- and Documentary Films as well as Advertisements.

Audio Post Produktion

Dolby Atmos


As the first in Austria, our Cinema Suite is equipped with the latest surround technology Dolby Atmos. Up to 64 speakers render it possible to place sounds accurately in the 3D surround scope for a naturalistic and futuristic sound experience. The Atmos Matrix also ensures an easy downgrade to other surround and stereo formats.

Dolby 5.1 / 7.1


5.1. and 7.1. surround mixes still remain part of our standard skill set. Beside the classic stereo mix, these formats are common standard for TV- and Cinema Productions as well as Home Entertainment Media. Perfect sound is equally important to us as is complying with the EBU R128 loudness norm.



We combine sound elements to build audio-scapes which are individually tailored for your production. Whether with archive footage or our own sound creations, we will sound your visions.



The Silent Suite can be used as a stage for Foley recordings. Beside Foley kits to simulate diverse floor coverings, this Suite can be acoustically modified to suit your specific requirements and supply your film with atmospheric sound.



The Silent and Garden Suites are acoustically optimised for the recording of voice-overs, individual and ensemble dialogues, and dubbings (ADR).



To us, sound and dialogue editing is more than just cleaning up recording tracks. By listening to the original recordings in depth, we can exert a positive influence on the creative process of your production and achieve a harmony of sound and image.


Mix & Upmix

Our Garden Suite is the ideal location for producing and recording advertisements. For the screening of ads in the cinema, we also offer upmixes from Stereo to Dolby 5.1 and Atmos - complying with the LEQ loudness norm.

Picture Post Produktion


The latest addition to our studio family is called Urban Suite and offers a SONY BVM-X300 reference monitor and controllable studio light situations for professional color correction up to 4K and HDR on Nucoda Filmmaster or DaVinci Resolve. Like it bigger? We conveniently route your project to our DCI approved cinema projector in our Cinema Suite. Color grading not only for cinema but in a cinema!


In order to successfully finish your project we match picture with sound and render deliverables to your flavor according to current broadcast and cinema standards. We double check all master files, DCPs and tape playouts and screen them on our calibrated reference monitors and projectors under your supervision. No frame is left behind!